Parliamentary Finance Committee: There are no final accounts for the current year’s budget, and we may host Allawi next week

Baghdad The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed its position regarding the preparation of the draft federal budget law for the next year 2022.

Member of the committee, MP Ikhlas Al-Dulaimi, stated, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “the government has not yet implemented the provisions of the General Budget Law 2021, which the House of Representatives voted on more than two months ago,” and indicated that “the initiation of preparing the next year’s budget 2022 depends on previous budgets and their final accounts, and this is currently not possible because there are no final accounts.”

She added, “the general budget stipulated the necessity of implementing Resolution 315 for contract employees and daily wages, canceling deductions, supporting the segment of farmers, and the return of their voided contracts, but the government appealed more than 10 paragraphs, and this is one of the reasons for disrupting the implementation of budget items,” indicating that “a scenario of passing a budget of Next year will be similar to approving the budget for the current year 2021, and it will be amended and the government’s appeal against its paragraphs to delay its implementation automatically.”

She explained that “the Finance Committee may host Finance Minister Ali Allawi, during the next week, to find out the mechanisms for implementing the budget law and government appeals.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency