Parliamentary Health Committee proposes imposing a comprehensive health curfew for 14 days to confront the Corona mutator, called Delta

Baghdad  The Parliamentary Health Committee has proposed imposing a comprehensive health curfew for a period of 14 days to confront the Corona mutator, called Delta.

Member of the committee, MP Jawad Al-Moussawi, said in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it: “We had previously warned on more than one occasion and more than 30 days ago that the delta mutated corona virus is the most dangerous, fastest spreading and most deadly.”

He added: “All scientific evidences indicate that it is the main responsible for most of the infections currently present in Iraq, which is the reason for the increase in the number of infections, because the speed of its spread exceeds four times the speed of the spread of the old mutations of the corona virus, and now it is Baghdad’s hospitals and most of the provinces have reached their maximum absorptive capacity in terms of providing beds, medicines and personal protection supplies to confront this dreaded epidemic.”

He continued: “For the first time this day, and more than a year after I was exposed to the same situation, I received today dozens of calls from citizens I know and some I do not know, asking for help and intervention to provide a family for their families infected with the Corona virus for going to more than one hospital without an opportunity to get an empty bed. He called on the Ministry of Health and the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety to take urgent action to address this emergency situation and as soon as possible before the unfortunate consequences occurred and we were exposed to a failure in the Iraqi health system, as happened in some Arab countries and others.

Al-Moussawi suggested a complete (health) curfew, not a security one, for a period of 14 days to break the chain of spread of the epidemic and the escalation of the number of infections, while at the same time allowing the Ministry of Health and its institutions to absorb the recent increase in the number of infections and their treatment, provided that the curfew includes a grace period not exceeding 4 hours in the morning to allow citizens to receive the vaccine urgently as well as completing their necessary daily needs, postponing all official and unofficial large human gatherings, including school exams and celebrations, closing restaurants and malls, and others, while reconsidering unnecessary exceptions to the curfew.

Today, the Ministry of Health and Environment announced the registration of 9,337 new cases of corona and 30 deaths.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency