Parliamentary Health Committee: The Health Situation Is Difficult, And Sources Of Vaccines Must Be Diversified To Avoid Monopoly

Baghdad The Parliamentary Health Committee called for diversifying the sources of importing Coronavirus vaccines and for opening new outlets for citizens to receive the vaccine.

A member of the Parliamentary Health Committee, MP from the “Independent” parliamentary bloc, Faleh Al-Ziyadi, confirmed in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) the difficulty of the health situation in the country due to the spread of the third wave of the Coronavirus known as (Delta), noting that the agreement between the Parliamentary Health Committee with the Ministry of Health was required to diversify the sources of vaccines for Coronavirus so that there would be no monopoly that would cause scarcity in the event of a specific vaccine being lost.”

He pointed out: “The comparison between one vaccine and another, whichever you prefer, is incorrect and has no scientific basis that supports one type at the expense of another, and therefore we hope that citizens will continue to receive Coronavirus vaccines for their safety.”

He pointed out that in the 2021 budget, large funds were allocated to the Ministry of Health, and this is happening for the first time, in order to support the health sector and import Coronavirus vaccines from sober global origins, and everything related to preventive measures.

Al-Ziyadi stressed: “The parliament has given great authority and authorized the Ministry of Health with a legal framework, to import everything that would enhance the safety of the citizen, and there is consensus to support the ministry in this area in order to get out of the country’s health crisis.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency