Parliamentary Security And Defense Committee: Targeting Electric Power Towers Is Of A Political Nature

Baghdad / NINA / – The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee confirmed: “The targeting of electric power towers has a political and sabotage nature more than a terrorist.”

Member of the Committee, MP of the Iraqis Alliance, Abbas Sarout, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “The electricity file in the country and targeting energy towers is political par excellence. Otherwise, why is the timing of targeting energy towers on days that witness high temperatures in very hot months?, and electricity is not supplied to all citizens due to a central malfunction,” he said, accusing hidden hands of having anything to do with these faults and the explosion of towers.

He explained that according to the information received by the Security and Defense Committee from the people of the areas witnessing the bombings, the towers close to the activity of ISIS were not damaged, and the towers far from ISIS were the ones that were damaged, and this indicates the presence of malicious hands that want to harm the electrical energy.

He pointed out that there are parties working to create internal strife and noise in Iraq, which is intentional, and one of those aspects is the electricity file, which more than any other file and up to 60 billion dollars was spent on it, therefore it is assumed that Iraq has a surplus in the production of electrical energy with this amount.

He confirmed that the Parliamentary Energy and Integrity Committees formed a joint committee to follow up the issue of the electric energy file in the country in general, and to know where the money was spent during the previous period and the reasons for the deterioration of energy production and distribution because it is not the result of the current hour, it is a cumulative crisis./ End


Source: National Iraqi News Agency