Paval Talabani: The Referendum Was A Serious Mistake And It Was Better To Accept The American Proposal To Postpone It

Sulaymaniyah – Paval Talabani, the eldest son of former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, confirmed that holding the referendum on September 25 in Kurdistan was a grave mistake and it would have been better to accept the US proposal to postpone the referendum.

“We have signatures of 38 out of 50 leaders of the PUK signed an agreement on the Iraqi army’s return to the K1 base in the city of Kirkuk to become a joint area of US and British forces and the rest of the international coalition and part of the Iraqi army,” Talabani told reporters.

He pointed out that this agreement was the only one he signed, which would stop the occurrence of recent events, added that it was better to accept the American proposal to postpone the referendum for two years, stressing the need for dialogue and negotiation with Baghdad and the international community, and preserve the Kurdish unity in this hard situation.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency


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