– The co-chair of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Pavel Talabani, discussed with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert, the upcoming elections and relations between the political parties in the region.

The website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan stated that Talabani received, today, Saturday, in Sulaymaniyah Plashart and discussed with her the situation in the Kurdistan region and Iraq, the relations between the political parties in the region, and the upcoming elections in Iraq.

“The visions of the two sides agreed to activate efforts to cross political tensions and differences and to create a suitable ground for constructive dialogue on the basis of mutual understanding and common interest that would result in political, security and societal stability,” he added.

Talabani added that he renewed the Patriotic Union’s eagerness and desire to solve the problems and reach an agreement on governance in the Kurdistan region and to unify forces and capabilities to create unity of ranks and national discourse on issues related to the national axis. He attributed this step to creating confidence, balance and true partnership in decision-making, administration and changing the political system in the region, stressing that this today represents the desire of the masses of the people.

During the meeting, they discussed issues of harmony and coexistence between nationalities and components, and the co-chair clarified that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan with freedom of expression, protection of the foundations of freedom, culture, acceptance of the other and peaceful coexistence.

The site indicated that the upcoming elections for the House of Representatives were another focus for discussion during the meeting, as the two sides affirmed the holding of fair and transparent elections that are far from interference, with them being held on time and that the United Nations has a monitoring role in it

Source: National Iraqi News Agency