PKK Announces Killing 22 Turkish Soldiers And 7 Police

Baghdad - The Popular Defense Forces, the armed wing of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), has reported the deaths of 22 Turkish soldiers and seven policemen in the cities of Wann, Hakkari and Bengal in southeast Turkey over the past few days.

"Our forces attacked the Turkish army in the district of Chali Bhakari on Saturday, killing a Turkish soldier," the PKK said in a statement.

In Berwari district of Sirte, clashes broke out between PKK and Turkish troops on the same day, killing 11 Turkish soldiers and destroying an armored vehicle.

According to the statement, clashes erupted between fighters of the Popular Defense Forces and the Turkish army in the district of Bashku of the city of Wann on the seventh of June, killing six Turkish soldiers and wounding three others.

On the 9th of this month, the PKK attacked the security department in Guash district of Wann province, killing seven Turkish policemen and wounding four others.

On the same day, clashes between PKK and Turkish troops erupted in Geng district of Bengol province killed one Turkish soldier and wounded another.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency