The Ministry of Planning announced that it had monitored a number of problems and obstacles that led to the reluctance of work in the completion of the project to establish the “Bridged Intersection” in Diwaniyah Governorate, which is included in the investment budget tables of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works for the year 2013, which was actually implemented on 22/ 1/2014 with a contractual period of 540 days, as it aims to reduce traffic momentum and break bottlenecks in the governorate.

The ministry said in a statement: It sent a specialized engineering team from the central follow-up to the project, and the team monitored a number of problems and obstacles that led to delaying its implementation, as the actual material completion rate of the project reached (55.5%), while the percentage of deviation from the plan was (44, 5%). The ministry indicated that among the obstacles that were monitored is the inaccuracy of the studies and preliminary designs, which led to the change from (a tunnel and a bridge) to (two bridges of two different levels), and the failure to update the work progress schedule on the project, due to the lack of resolution of the issue of additional periods for the spare parts order. In the field follow-up to the project, the Ministry also noted that the issue of the additional amounts had not been resolved, to cover the detection of damages and annihilations related to the project. In addition to the inappropriateness of the works currently being implemented by the executing company with the volume of work required and available in the project, the Ministry pointed out in its statement that it had made great efforts to address The problems that impede the implementation of the project through the development of proposals and recommendations to advance the implementation process and make the best use of this vital project.

Source: Republic of Iraq, Ministry of Planning