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Planning field follow-up project to rehabilitate the construction of the second lane of Mafraq Road

The Ministry of Planning announced that it had monitored a number of problems and obstacles in the project to construct the second corridor of the 62 km Ghammas-Hamza junction in Diwaniyah Governorate, which is included in the investment budget of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works for the year 2012, as the actual implementation of the project took place on 9/15/2013. With a contractual period of (1080) days, it is hoped that the project will contribute to easing the traffic momentum between the districts of (Ghammas – and Al-Hamza).

The ministry said in a statement: It sent a specialized engineering team from the central follow-up to the project, and this visit is the second, in order to identify the important problems and obstacles that led to the delay in implementation. Indicating that the actual material completion rate of the project is (78.61%), and that the team identified problems and obstacles that might lead to deviation in the project’s completion in the future, most notably: the weakness of preliminary studies before contracting, which led to the lack of clarity of the work required to be implemented to complete the project, which led to the need To promote several spare orders during execution. In addition to not resolving the issue of conflicts (electricity poles, land acquisitions, residential houses, shops, etc.). Likewise, the issue of signing the contract annex was not resolved upon resumption of work, and the additional periods were not resolved to determine the new term of the project. In addition to the fact that the Ministry of Oil did not provide an adequate share of the liquefied bituminous substance necessary for the tiling work. It is certain that it has developed proposals and recommendations to advance the implementation process and make optimum use of this vital and important project.

Source: Republic of Iraq, Ministry of Planning