Planning is following up in the field the implementation of the project to rehabilitate Al-Hadara neighborhood and part of Al-Sadr Al-Awal neighborhood in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate

The Ministry of Planning announced that it has monitored a number of problems and obstacles in the project to rehabilitate Al-Hadara neighborhood and part of Al-Sadr Al-Awal neighborhood in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate, which is implemented within the Regional Development Program.

And the ministry said in a statement: In implementation of the action plan to follow up on the projects implemented within the investment program and the regional development program, the owners of the central follow-up visited the project, which is one of the important service projects within the province of Diwaniyah, because it includes the work of extending drinking water networks and communication networks, and paving the main and secondary streets. In addition to diverting some electric poles and connecting works of residential houses to the sewage network, indicating that the actual completion rate of the project amounted to (60%). She explained that the obstacles monitored by the ministry included the existence of conflicts in the project with electricity and sewage works, which led to operational problems that negatively affected the implementation with the difference in floor levels along the main and secondary streets paths. In addition to the lack of cooperation from the Diwaniyah Electricity Department regarding the removal of conflicts related to the presence of electricity poles within the lanes of the main and secondary streets. She indicated that the obstacles also included not including all residential neighborhoods with project services, in addition to not including the city front (represented by the service street parallel to the Baghdad-Diwaniyah road), due to the depletion of the project’s reserve amounts within spare orders. The work progress schedule was not updated because the issue was not resolved for additional work. As well as the failure to apply the procedures and conditions of occupational safety at the project implementation site, in addition to the fact that the Corona pandemic also led to the delay in implementing the project within the specified times. In its statement, the ministry pointed out that it had submitted proposals and recommendations regarding advancing the implementation process, including emphasizing the implementing agency that preliminary studies, designs and plans for projects should be comprehensive and integrated for all targeted neighborhoods to reduce the issuance of spare orders that have a negative impact on the implementation of the project and to stress the resolution of all conflicts with Governorate departments in order to implement the project and achieve the desired benefit, in addition to emphasizing on taking administrative measures to implement the service street parallel to the Baghdad-Diwaniyah road.

Source: Republic of Iraq, Ministry of Planning