Baghdad The Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, affirmed that deviant and terrorist elements should not be allowed to infiltrate and stir up strife.

A statement by his media office stated that Al-Sudani received, today, Saturday, a delegation that included a number of notables of Tarmiyah region, north of Baghdad, and tribal sheikhs, in the presence of a number of concerned security leaders.

The meeting witnessed, according to the statement, a review of the security and service conditions in the district, and the most important priorities that are the focus of citizens' attention and needs.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of constructive cooperation between the people and the security forces and their efforts in order to strengthen security and stability, and not allow deviant and terrorist elements to infiltrate and stir up strife.

Al-Sudani also indicated, according to the statement, the need to confront security challenges firmly, in order to enable state agencies to provide services, and there is no room for tolerance with those who disturb security.

Al-Sudani directed to develop solutions for all the service needs of the district, and to meet and facilitate the demands of his family.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency