PM Orders The Suspension Of The Aggressors On The Innocent Citizen From Babylon And Directs To Form A Committee On Human Rights Standards

Baghdad  Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi received today, Friday, the innocent citizen Ali Al-Jubouri from Babylon Governorate, who had previously faced a false accusation of killing his wife, who was found to be still alive.

Al-Kadhimi listened, according to a statement from his office, to the merits of the case of this citizen, who presented his grievances in the presence of the investigators who interrogated him, and extracted confessions from him under the pressure of torture

Al-Kadhimi directed the suspension of the elements who had tried to attack the rights of the citizen, investigate them and keep them in detention until the judicial authorities decide what they have committed.

The Prime Minister directed that the aggrieved citizen file a lawsuit demanding the restoration of his esteem and his rights, and that a new committee be formed to monitor the application of human rights standards, monitor the work of investigators, and take clear pledges that human rights principles must adhere to each person charged with conducting any investigation.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency