PM: The issue of entrepreneurial culture deserves attention and work to create a society sticks to science and work

Baghdad / NINA /- Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani affirmed that the issue of entrepreneurship culture deserves attention and work on it to create a society that adheres to science and work.

In a speech during the launching ceremony of the Riyada initiative for development, he said: “Our government program takes care of the country’s future vision, just as it is dedicated to finding solutions to current problems,” noting that “our government is continuing to adopt and implement a long-term strategic development plan that aims to provide everything necessary to secure a decent life for all Iraqis.”

He added, “We are facing a general trend to create community leadership through self-employment, and we seek to develop technical education and vocational training systems, educational cadres and students.”

He continued: “I announce the launch of an initiative in all governorates to embrace and develop all productive scientific and practical ideas, promising to reach the most remote Iraqi who is trying to search for a real and decent opportunity, adding that our vision includes investing all the body of the state, government organizations and institutional centers.”

He stressed, “We will try to make study seats in Iraq the solution and the path towards community leadership,” adding that “I directed the governors to complete the industrial cities to be ready for youth projects.”

He went on to say, “We will be able to put our students and youth on the right path, by embracing their ideas and turning them into productive plans, and by obtaining an intellectual and economic training opportunity.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency