PMF Kill 2 Suicide Bombers Of Daesh, Destroy 5 Vehicles North Of Salahuddin

BAGHDAD - The 8th Brigade in the popular mobilization forces, on Sunday, killed two suicide bombers and burned five vehicles in repelling an attack to Daesh in the sector of Sharqat operations north of Salahuddin.

A statement issued by the Popular Mobilization Forces said that "the Popular Forces of the Eighth Brigade were able to repel the attack of Daesh gang in Sharqat district north-east of Salahuddin and another in Talul Al-Baj district of Al-Sharqat district." Adding that "the eight brigades killed two suicide bombers and destroyed five vehicles for them, which forced the rest of the terrorists to escape and retreat."

The statement pointed out that "the criminal Daesh organization had intended to control Talul Al-Baj area to cut off the main supply route between Baiji and Mosul."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency