PMF Liberate A Number Of Villages In Baaj And Sinjar

BAGHDAD - The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) have been able to liberate a number of villages in Baaj and Sinjar.

The media of the PMF said that "the forces managed to liberate Three Oweisat village, south of Al-Baaj and 13th Brigade of the PMF liberated Khubaza residential complex south of Sinjar airport and Umm Dhbaa and Al-Sada Al-Zobaa villages, south of Al-Baaj district, and evacuated dozens of families ".

The PMF added that " Brigade 30 of "Shabak and Turkmen" managed to liberate / Tal Masada / village, south of Baaj, "referring to" the liberation Sami al-Marwaki village, south of Baaj and heading towards the residential compound of Hamdania. "

The statement said that "the 13th Brigade took control of a bomb factory inside Khbazah residential complex contains dozens of IEDs and various explosives."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency