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President: Free And Fair Elections And Ensuring Broad Participation Based On Correcting Processes And Overcoming Mistakes And Mismanagement / More

Baghdad The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received today, Thursday, May 20, 2021, Secretary of the Iraqi Communist Party Raed Fahmy and his accompanying delegation, where they discussed developments in the country.

Presidential statement that the president of the Republic affirmed that the stage the country is going through is an important and articulated stage that requires cooperation and solidarity, indicating that the entitlements of reform, correcting paths, overcoming mistakes and mismanagement have become an urgent demand and not an option for discussion and controversy around it, pointing to the need to protect the security and stability achieved in the country, and the consolidation of a capable and sovereign state, and confining the weapon in its hand.

He added that the popular movement is a societal movement that is sober and aware of the current and future challenges facing the country, and it was the result of errors that cannot be overlooked from corruption and mismanagement, pointing out that the assassinations and intimidation of protesters, activists and journalists are unforgivable actions that should not go unpunished.

The President indicated that the upcoming elections are articulated and constitutive and come after a broad national consensus that mistakes should not continue and must be overcome, and restore voters’ confidence in the electoral process and broad participation in it to be the true peaceful and popular path for change and reform, and for that, achieving electoral security and ensuring the integrity of the elections. It is now a top priority, to secure the right of Iraqis to express their free will, as they are the source and legitimate basis of all powers.

The President of the Republic also affirmed that, from his position, he is working to ensure the conduct of fair and free elections, and that all concerned authorities, institutions, political forces and social actors have a duty to do so, indicating that fraud and manipulation will reflect negatively on everyone without exception, as the free will of the people must prevail.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency