President Reiterates Support To Disabled

BAGHDAD / President Fuad Masum expressed his confidence in the ability and perseverance of the disabled as they bear energies and bright creations in human history, and several areas including literature, art and music.

During a meeting at the Salam Palace in Baghdad with disabled assembly delegation, according to a presidential statement, Masum confirmed "the need to work to activate the creativity and originality energies and invest them in the march of progress and cultural and social prosperity, declaring his solidarity with this them and their rights in society.

He explained that the Presidency and in cooperation with the government is launching a donation campaign to the disabled assembly in Iraq in order to redress them and reduce their suffering and pay attention to their living conditions.

For their part, the members of the assembly expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the President of the Republic on these generous gesture and meet with them, confirming their determination that they will remain faithful to their country despite the difficult circumstances to serve their country .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency