Prime Minister Al-Sudani Pledges Support for Sports Initiatives in Iraq

Baghdad - Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani has reaffirmed his commitment to supporting sports initiatives in Iraq, encompassing both team and individual games. This statement comes as part of the government's broader effort to promote sports in the country.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, Al-Sudani met with a group of Iraqi sports champions on Saturday evening. These athletes recently won 27 medals in various international competitions, including the World Weightlifting Championships in Saudi Arabia, the Asian Games in China, and the Asian Paralympics. The Prime Minister praised the athletes and training staff for their achievements, which have elevated Iraq's status in international sports.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of sports in the government's agenda, highlighting the presence of talented athletes capable of representing Iraq positively on the global stage. He noted that the government has taken several measures to support the Olympic Committee and sports federations, including addressing financial and legal challenges.

Al-Sudani also mentioned the government's financial commitment to the Olympic Committee in the three-year budget, urging efficient investment in sports development. He emphasized the need for developing plans and programs aimed at achieving Olympic success and praised the accomplishments of the Paralympics Committee champions in the Asian Games.

To further advance Iraqi sports, the Prime Minister directed the Minister of Youth and Sports and his advisors to formulate a strategic plan to identify potential areas of achievement and to work towards creating champions over the next few years. He also highlighted the role of the private sector in supporting sports and the need for clubs and federations to overcome obstacles for the betterment of sports in Iraq.