PUK: A Technical Problem Behind The Federal Government’s Failure To Send Kurdistan Region’s Share Of The Budget

Sulaymaniyah The Patriotic Union Of Kurdistan bloc in the Iraqi Council of Representatives confirmed that the federal government did not send the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget due to a technical problem. It is likely that the Kurdistan Regional Government will send a technical delegation to Baghdad to agree on several issues.

Sherwan Mirza, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee for the PUK’s bloc in the House of Representatives, said in press statements that a region’s share of the federal budget has not yet been sent due to a technical problem, indicating that finding a mechanism to implement Article 11 of the Budget Law for the Kurdistan Region’s share lies in sending a technician delegation from the region to Baghdad to agree on the mechanism for calculating oil and non-oil resources and how to calculate the region’s share of the budget and the mechanism for sending it.

Mirza suggested that the technical delegation would visit the federal capital Baghdad after the Eid holiday, stressing the need for the regional and federal governments to abide by the agreements concluded between them, adding that the meetings between the technical delegation from the Kurdistan region and Baghdad will determine the funds that Baghdad must pay to the region and the revenues that the region must deliver.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency