Qatar Confirms Its Keenness To Support Iraq To Develop Its Oil And Energy Projects

Baghdad - The Qatari Minister of Energy and Industry, Mohammed bin Saleh al-Sada stressed that his country is keen to support Iraq to develop oil and energy projects and the need for the two countries to agree on a clear plan in this field.

"The Charge d'affaires in Doha, Abdul Sattar Hadi al-Janabi met with Qatar's Minister of Energy and Industry to discuss enhancing cooperation between the two countries," a foreign ministry statement said.

The statement added that al-Janabi reviewed, during the meeting, the developments of the war on Daesh gangs and the victories achieved by the armed forces and the popular mobilization and Peshmerga forces, as well as the Iraqi government's plans to reconstruct the liberated areas."

He pointed out that "Iraq is counting on the support of Arab countries, especially members of the Gulf Cooperation Council in implementing these plans."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency