Raad Al-Dahlaki calls for expediting the resolution of the file of the displaced through humanitarian mechanisms

Baghdad The head of the Parliamentary Labor, Migration and Displaced Committee, MP Raad Al-Dahlaki, called on Thursday to expedite the resolution of the file of the displaced people by humanitarian mechanisms, considering today’s fire in a camp for the displaced in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, a new black point in the forehead of the executive authorities.

He said in a press statement, “the fire that broke out today in Ashti camp for the displaced people in Sulaymaniyah governorate, which led to casualties, including children, is a new black point added to dozens of previous points in the forehead of the executive authorities concerned with dealing with this file.”

Al-Dahlaki added, “the file of the displaced has repeatedly tried to keep it away from the political aspects and bids from here and there, and we have called for a lot to confront it and find real solutions for it within a purely humanitarian framework to end the suffering of those families and compensate them for the years of humiliation they lived in those camps that lack the most basic elements of a decent life, but without listening to the relevant authorities.

He called for “the importance of expediting the resolution of this file by humanitarian mechanisms,” warning of “the danger of continuing the previous sterile treatment mechanism and abhorrent political intransigence, which has proven its failure and its disastrous negative impact on those families.”

He also called on the parliamentary political forces to “support the committee’s efforts to pressure towards providing an appropriate service and security environment for the voluntary return of these families to their areas and to compensate them for the stage of financial and moral damage they sustained.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency