Baghdad The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahia Rasool, announced the killing of a number of terrorists and the destruction of their den in Kirkuk.

He said in a statement: The Counter-Terrorism Service force, with its modern tactical method, was able to kill a “complete detachment” of ISIS elements that were trying to attack the security forces’ patrols in Kirkuk governorate.

Rasool added: This detachment fell into ambushes by the heroic knights of the apparatus after monitoring their movement by our brave snipers near (Alton Bridge), and they were able to kill a number of them with direct fire, and the rest of the terrorist elements fleeing the confrontation were chased by the planes of the international coalition that managed to destroy the den.

He explained that: The Counter-Terrorism Service kept the promises it made to itself, and that its operations would continue until reaching an Iraq free of terrorism and ideological extremism./


Source: National Iraqi News Agency