Regional Brief: World Vision Middle East Eastern Europe, 2022


We have been working in the Middle East and Eastern Europe for more than 45 years and currently have long-term development projects in Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza and Lebanon.

Serving the most vulnerable children in the toughest places, World Vision is leading the way in contexts of high fragility and gender disparity, supporting children on the move and affected by armed conflict, in a region beset by climate change and the global hunger crises. The top four largest UN humanitarian appeals and operations in the world are in MEER in response to crisis in Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Yemen.

Fragile contexts are those where the government cannot, or will not, fulfil its responsibilities to protect and fulfil the rights of the majority of the population, particularly the poor. World Vision has an experience in working in such places and in the MEER Region, this includes Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

In response to massive spikes in need, World Vision has declared a global hunger crisis that has made cash, food and likelihoods work a top priority in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

We also partner with organisations to support the needs of those children and their families affected by growing humanitarian crisis in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Türkiye, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Yemen. Empowering the local actors to lead the response and development in their countries is a priority of our capacity building interventions.

Source: World Vision