Republican Senator: The Danger Is Out Of Control… And We Expect A New “September 11” To Happen

Baghdad Republican Senator Lindsey Graham considered that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan has increased the possibility of new terrorist attacks in the United States.

“The probability of 9/11 has increased again, and drone attacks will not destroy ISIS,” Graham said in an interview with CBS television. “The number of ISIS fighters has doubled, we have turned our backs on our allies and created the conditions for another September 11.” .

“I have never been so worried about the United States as now,” he added.

Graham noted, “The US war in Afghanistan is not over yet. President Joe Biden’s actions have had the opposite effect. Over the next twenty years, White House leaders will work to solve the problems arising from the disaster in Afghanistan.”

Last Friday, an American drone killed two senior militants of the organization, which claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Kabul on Thursday, which killed dozens, including 13 American soldiers.

The American forces are scheduled to leave Kabul by the 31st of this August, and to complete the evacuation from Afghanistan of tens of thousands of American citizens, third countries and Afghans at risk.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency