Russia : Combating Terrorism Is Not Possible Without Unifying Efforts And Cooperation Of All Nations

BAGHDAD - The bombing of Manchester is another sign that anti-terrorism is not possible without unifying efforts and close cooperation among all nations, the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said.

In a press conference today, Peskov recalled remarks made by President Vladimir Putin at the start of his presidency in 2000, when Russia launched a war against terrorists in the Russian Caucasus region. Putin then warned against "manipulating and supporting terrorists."

"We see now that Putin's position on terrorism remains urgent and vital," Peskov said.

"Terrorism, which has no religious or national affiliation, attacks against all without exception, and no country in the world can be safe from repeating such a tragedy," he said, noting that "the Russians are united with the people of Britain in the fight against terrorism."

There was a violent explosion that shook the perimeter of the Manchester Arena, as the crowd left, killing and injuring dozens, while the area around the hall was closed and trains also stopped at Manchester Victoria Station and were evacuated.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency