BAGHDAD, The Russian army confirmed today that it sent a letter to the United States last month containing a proposal to cooperate in the reconstruction of Syria and the return of refugees to their country,” the Russian military said.

Russian Army Chief of Staff General Valery Girasimov sent a letter to US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Danford, in which he expressed Moscow’s readiness to cooperate with Washington in removing mines from the war-torn country and helping refugees to return home.

Russia expressed its anger following the publication of this message by the media. “

“It is disappointing that the US side is unable to comply with an agreement not to publish the content of the communications until after both sides agree,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

It added that Ghassimov’s letter was in part “about the readiness of the Russian side to work with the Syrian authorities to provide security guarantees to refugees in the camp of the rugban in the US-controlled al-Tanf area and to create conditions for their return to their areas.”

Moscow also proposed to the two countries to “coordinate” mine clearance, including from the city of Raqqa, and “to address other priority humanitarian issues for a speedy return to peace in Syria.”

Moscow last week urged the UN Security Council to help revive the Syrian economy and the return of refugees at a time when its ally Damascus was waging a campaign to restore areas in the war that has been going on for more than seven years.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency