Russia: The stationing of our forces near the border with Ukraine is normal

Baghdad The Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented on the reports that Russian forces were stationed near the border with Ukraine.

Maria Zakharova, in response to a question from a Western journalist, said: Wherever they need, they are there and they will be, we are on our land and our homeland.

She added that count the number of our army, and where the armed forces are located, and where they move, and where they should be, they are there, and they are at home.

Ukraine and Western countries recently announced an alleged increase in what they called “aggressive actions” by Russia near Ukraine’s borders.

Moscow has repeatedly denied such accusations, saying that it does not threaten anyone and does not intend to attack anyone, and the allegations of “Russian aggression” are used as an excuse to place more NATO military equipment near the Russian border.

The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the West’s statements about “Russian aggression” and the possibility of helping Kiev to defend itself against it, are absurd and dangerous.

NATO countries, led by the United States, are supplying Ukraine with weapons and training its army, which directly violates the Minsk agreements and negatively affects the settlement in the Donbass.

The United States, Britain, Canada, France, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia, are involved in deliveries of military equipment to Ukraine totaling billions of dollars.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency