Russia… Washington’s provocative behavior in Syria threatens the rules of “non-engagement”

The Russian side expressed its protest against the provocative actions of the American forces in Al-Hasakah, Syria, according to what was stated yesterday, Friday, by the deputy head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Oleg Gorinov.

Gorinov said: “Provocative actions of units of the US Armed Forces were observed in Al-Hasakah Governorate, and during the course of the joint Russian-Turkish patrol, the movement of two patrols belonging to the so-called international coalition to combat terrorism, was monitored along the undisputed track in the towns of Derona-Agha and Saramsak.

“The Russian side lodged a protest against the coalition’s behavior,” Gorinov said.

According to the Deputy head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation, the coalition’s violation of the rules of non-engagement threatens the existing fragile balance of power in that region, which was achieved thanks to Russia’s efforts, and also negatively affects the developments of the situation.

In a related context, Gorinov indicated that in the de-escalation zone in Idlib and during the past day, four shelling cases emanating from the terrorist “Al-Nusra Front” and the “Turkistani Islamic Party” organization were recorded, and he also reported that sniper fire also targeted the positions of the Syrian government forces. As a result, a Syrian soldier was wounded.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency