Russian Defense Ministry announces that its forces killed 30 militants from the Victory Front

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The Russian Defense Ministry announced that its forces had heavily bombed the area of dropping the Russian fighter Su-25 in the countryside of Idlib.

The Russian Defense Ministry said, according to Russia today that (30) militants from the terrorist Victory Front were killed in a missile attack on the missile launch area on the Russian fighter.”

According to the Russian Defense Ministry earlier, the Commander of the fighter that was shot down in Idlib, was killed after his clash with terrorists.

The Ministry explained that preliminary information indicates that the plane was shot down by gunmen with a shoulder-fired missile while flying over the escalation zone in Idlib. “

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the center of reconciliation of the conflicting parties in Syria, “Hameim” in cooperation with the Turkish side responsible for the area of reducing the escalation in Idlib, took the necessary measures to recover the body of the Russian pilot.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency