Russian Defense Ministry announces the elimination of 1,455 Ukrainian soldiers and the destruction of 33 drones

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today, Monday, the elimination of 1,455 soldiers, the destruction of dozens of tanks and armored vehicles, and the shooting down of dozens of missiles and drones for Ukrainian forces during the past 24 hours, within the framework of the ongoing war between the two countries since February of 2022.

The Ministry’s daily statement on the course of the war stated that Russian forces had strengthened their positions on the Kharkiv and Donetsk axes in eastern Ukraine, in addition to carrying out attacks on the Zaporozhye and Kherson axes in the south.

The statement indicated that the Russian forces shot down a Su-27 fighter, 33 drones, 6 ballistic missiles, 39 Czech Olkha, Vampir, and American Himars missiles, 5 French Hummer guided bombs, and 5 anti-aircraft bombs. American HARM missiles, and 4 British Storm Shadow missiles for the Ukrainian army.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency