Safadi: Jordan showed ‘noblest’ solidarity with Palestinians

Amman: Lower House on Wednesday discussed during a session chaired by its Speaker, Ahmed Safadi, the agenda of its 3rd third regular session.

At the beginning of the session, Safadi referred to Jordan’s efforts, under His Majesty King Abdullah’s leadership, to firmly and solidly support Palestinians through its continuous endeavors to deliver relief and humanitarian aid to people in Gaza by all available means, including repeated airdrops.

Safadi added that Jordan has “always maintained support to Arab causes and Palestinians,” noting in this context to the King’s participation in the airdrop operations carried out by Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF)- the Arab Army to be the “largest” airdrop relief operations for Gaza people.

Safadi noted Jordan’s steps embody the “noblest” form of solidarity with the Palestinian brethren, with whom “we share blood, cause and destiny.”

Additionally, Safadi added that Jordan will not be deterred from continuing its role by all skeptical voices that have continued to raise dou
bts, adding that the Kingdom is resolved to continue its positions with a “cohesive” internal front.

Safadi expressed the House’s pride in the King’s great effort to stop the Israeli aggression against Gaza.

In this regard, he pointed to His Majesty’s diplomatic efforts since the beginning of the Israeli aggression, and his repeated meetings with world leaders to defend Palestinian right, ensure arrival of aid to Gaza and push towards a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

Source: Jordan News Agency