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Salam Al-Shammari: The upcoming parliamentary sessions will include voting on important laws

Baghdad MP for the Saeron Alliance Salam Al-Shammari confirmed that the upcoming sessions of the Council will include voting on important laws in order to leave positive imprints for the work of the current council.

He said in a press statement that many of the laws have been completed by the relevant committees, whether an amendment or new laws, and they are awaiting the inclusion of the Presidency of Parliament for it in the next sessions to vote.

Al-Shammari added that among the most important of these laws is the amendment of the provincial councils law, the criminal court law, oil and gas, and the Union Council, in addition to other laws.

He pointed out the necessity of attending the sessions and achieving the required quorum in order to pass laws and the continuity of the Parliament’s supervisory work in the service of the public interest.

Parliament is scheduled to resume its sessions next Saturday.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency