Salih: Iraq’s Balanced Relations Support Int’l And Regional Coordination To Ease Regional Tensions And Confront Common Challenges

Baghdad The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, affirmed that Iraq’s balanced relations support international and regional coordination to ease regional tensions and confront common challenges.

A presidential statement said that Salih received, today, Monday at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, the credentials of the ambassadors of: the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Amdi Fadloul Bari, the Republic of Romania, Radu Octavian Dobri, the Republic of Pakistan, Ahmed Amjad Ali, the Republic of India, Prashant Bessi, and the Kingdom of Sweden, Jonas Lovin, the Kingdom of Spain, Pedro Martinez-Evil Martin, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Al-Hassan Mohamed Aliat, the Republic of Finland, Mattei La Silla, the European Union, Villa Fariola, and France, Eric Chevalier.

The President of the Republic, while receiving the ambassadors separately, stressed: “Iraq is looking forward to balanced relations based on strengthening political, economic and commercial cooperation, opening the door for investment, supporting international and regional coordination, easing tensions and establishing peace in the region.”

President Barham Salih pointed to the importance of joint international and regional cooperation in order to confront the current global challenges, foremost of which is the fight against terrorism, addressing economic fluctuations and health crises, confronting severe climate changes and protecting the environment.

The President expressed his wishes for the new ambassadors to succeed in carrying out their new duties, thus contributing to the consolidation of friendship and cooperation between Iraq and their countries.

For their part, the ambassadors extended their thanks and appreciation to the President of the Republic, expressing their aspirations to develop relations with Iraq in various fields in a way that strengthens joint bonds


Source: National Iraqi News Agency