Saraya al-Salam announces the general alert after al-Sadr’s invitation to secure the Iraqi border on the Syrian side of Albu Kamal

Najaf / Saraya Al-Salam announced the state of maximum alert and public alert for all teams with their powers and brigades, and their regiments and their families throughout Iraq, including the Rapid Intervention Brigade.

The Central Media of the Saraya said in a statement that "the state of alert was announced after a tweet to the leader of the Sadrist Movement, Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr yesterday, in which he asked the Iraqi government to secure the border adjacent to the Syrian (Albu Kamal) and others, and announced its readiness to cooperate fully with the Iraqi government in this regard "he said.

"Therefore, Saraya al-Salam declares its full readiness for any order or direction from Commander Sadr to secure the Iraqi border adjacent to the Syrian (Albu Kamal) region and elsewhere."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency