Saudi Arabia announces the start of the electric car industry

Baghdad Member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Exports Authority, Muhammad Al-Khorayef, announced that the Kingdom has started manufacturing electric cars.

Al-Khorayef explained to the Saudi News Channel that the huge capacity in terms of financial capabilities, in addition to our capacity in human resources, can build on it a very strong industrial base, from which we can start.

He added: Connecting the mining industry in Saudi Arabia with the electric car industry, such as metals, aluminum, lithium, and others, will have a place in the world in the Saudi industry.

Al-Khorayef indicated that the Kingdom exports to 176 countries, noting that the highest exported products are petrochemicals and foodstuffs.

He added that Saudi products have presence and reliability in global markets, while among the countries that the Kingdom exports to are the Group of Twenty, while petrochemical industries in different countries such as China, India and Europe come at the top of the list, and then the food, mechanical and electrical industries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency