Saudi Delegation Explores Jordan’s Media Literacy Experience

Amman: A Saudi delegation, led by Saudi Minister of Media Salman Al Dossary, visited Jordan on Sunday to learn about the country’s expertise in media and information literacy.

The delegation met with Jordanian officials at the National Center for Curriculum Development, including Minister of Government Communications Muhannad Mubaideen, Supreme Council Chairman Mohy Eddin Tawq, Executive Director Sherine Hamed, and council members.

Al Dossary, accompanied by Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairi, praised the strong ties between Jordan and Saudi Arabia, emphasizing their mutual interests.

He commended Jordan’s achievements in media and information literacy and extended congratulations on the Kingdom’s centenary and the silver jubilee of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s reign.

Tawq highlighted the significance of the visit, marking the beginning of enhanced collaboration in curriculum development between the two countries. He outlined the center’s role and its independence from the Ministry o
f Education, emphasizing its focus on modern governance practices.

Tawq elaborated on the center’s mission to develop curricula, create national assessments like high school exams, and prioritize training to incorporate educational indicators and uphold national values.

He underscored ongoing efforts in curriculum enhancement and the importance of media education in fostering knowledge and adapting to contemporary challenges.

Discussing the integration of media education into various curricula, Hamed emphasized the importance of engaging specialists to enhance intellectual integration and formulate media-related ideas effectively.

She highlighted the linkage between media education and Islamic education, addressing topics like news transmission, crisis management, and social media’s impact on society.

The meeting encompassed discussions on embedding media education across different subjects, including mathematics and Islamic studies, fostering a comprehensive approach to education.

Source: Jordan News