Saudi Expert: A Gulf Project And Another Saudi Project To Connect Electricity To Iraq

Baghdad The head of the International Institute for Iranian Studies, Muhammad bin Saqr Al-Salami, confirmed that: There is a Saudi tendency to support Iraq and its people.

Al-Salami said in a televised statement that: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will visit Iraq.

He added: There is a Gulf project and another Saudi project to connect electricity to Iraq.

Al-Salami pointed out that there is a Saudi desire to restore Iraq to its sovereign role, indicating that senior Saudi businessmen are thinking of investing in Iraq and they need guarantees, including ending bureaucracy and creating a safe environment.

He continued, “We seek to overcome differences with Iran, but the size of the differences are pivotal, and we want Iran to actually act to stop the drones and missiles against Saudi Arabia from Yemen and support the Houthis so that there is a clear dialogue with it.”

Al-Salami said: We want to listen to the Iraqis directly, not through the media, so that the picture is clear.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency