Baghdad, The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Hamid al-Ghazi stressed the importance of the integration of efforts between the legislative and executive authorities to promote the country’s economic, industrial and agricultural with the rest of the sectors that support the Iraqi national product.

“Al-Ghazi met with the chairman and members of the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands to discuss ways to overcome the difficulties faced by Iraqi farmers, and implement ambitious programs and strategic plans to ensure the development of the reality of agriculture in the country.

The committee presented a number of requests for compensating farmers, as well as discussing the topics related to the import of a number of food items, including eggs and chilled fish, and to ascertain the size of the local product in its coverage of all governorates.

“The Cabinet attaches great importance to the agricultural sector, as it contributes to combating unemployment, reducing the volume of imports, developing and promoting society and strengthening the national economy,” the Secretary-General said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency