Security Alert In Kuwait After Thwarting Infiltration Attempts From Iraq


The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa, reported that: The level of security readiness has been raised for most of the authorities concerned with maintaining security in the country, after thwarting attempts to infiltrate Kuwait from Iraq.

The newspaper quoted a senior security source in the Ministry of Interior affirming that the state of alert in the border security and coast guard sectors had been raised to the maximum level in line with raising the readiness of most of the military authorities involved in maintaining security, against the background of tensions and demonstrations in Iran and Iraq.

The source stated that the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Border Security Affairs, Major General Sheikh Salem Al-Nawaf, issued instructions to conduct practical exercises to address any security breach, deployment, vigilance, and the activation of the radar system, after a series of attempts to infiltrate sea and land from Iraq were thwarted.

The source said that the Coast Guard officers seized Iraqis who tried to infiltrate by sea, and that the Iraqi side was informed of the monitoring of a group of people who were going to enter the lands of Kuwait by land and returned to the borders of Iraq, indicating that the investigation is ongoing with the arrested Iraqis, and if it is proven that they tried to infiltrate with the intention of working, they will be expelled sooner.

The source pointed out that there is a Kuwaiti-Iraqi-Iranian coordination aimed at preventing attempts to infiltrate by sea and land, at a time when media reports talked about families of American soldiers performing service in Kuwait received threats on social networking sites, against the backdrop of the escalation between Washington and Tehran

Source: National Iraqi News Agency