Security leaders and the Popular Crowd Brigades meet to discuss developments in the security file in Kirkuk

BAGHDAD-A number of security Commanders held a meeting with the leaders of the Popular Mobilization Brigades to discuss developments in the security issue in Kirkuk on Saturday.

"A meeting was held today, attended by Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command, Major General Abd al-Amir Yarallah, Major General Abdul Ghani al-Assadi, and Major-General Raed Shaker Jawdat, as well as Interior Ministry Spokesman Major General Saad Maan and the Commanders of the popular crowd, Ali al-Hamdani, the Commander of the second brigade Karim al-Khikani and the presence of Abo Hussam al-Sahlani and Abu Ali al-Kufi, pointing out that "the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the developments of the security file in Kirkuk and areas of Hawija, Riyadh and Al-Rashad, especially after the recent events, which saw the presence of a number of criminal elements belong to Daesh and so- called the owners of white flags ".

He explained that "during the meeting they discussed the development of a plan to eliminate these elements after the move of the Popular Crowd Brigades and under the guidance of the Deputy Chairman of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi to clear some cells that were trying to find gaps to disrupt the situation there.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency