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Security Media Cell: A terrorist operation with a motorcycle bomb thwarted in Diyala

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced that it had thwarted a terrorist operation with a motorcycle bomb in Diyala.

A cell statement stated that after receiving accurate and confirmed information, the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Ministry of Defense carried out an outstanding qualitative operation, during which, in coordination with the Intelligence Department of the Diyala Operations Command and a force from the Intelligence Regiment of the Fifth Division, they were able to seize a booby-trapped bike in Basateen al-Amiriya in al-Khalis district in Diyala governorate. The division engineering detachments detonated them under control and thwarted the plan to carry out a terrorist operation in the governorate in which ISIS gangs were trying to target innocent people, but the efforts of the Military Intelligence detachments were for them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency