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Security Media Cell: The arrest of an ISIS member and the arrest of (4) drug dealers

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the arrest of an ISIS member in Baghdad, the arrest of (4) drug dealers, and the seizure of a money exchange manipulating exchange rates in Diwaniyah.

A statement by the Cell stated: “The detachments of the Baghdad Intelligence and Security Directorate arrested a member of the terrorist ISIS gangs, against whom an arrest warrant was issued in accordance with Article (4/1) of terrorism from the Nineveh Investigation Court, in Al-Bataween area in Baghdad.”

He added: “The Directorate’s detachments arrested one of the dealers of narcotic substances in Al-Fadl area in Baghdad, while the detachments of the Najaf Intelligence and Security Directorate were able to arrest three dealers and promoters of narcotic substances in Najaf, and they seized pills and various narcotic materials with tools for abuse.”

Detachments of the Diwaniyah Intelligence and Security Directorate also caught one of the money changers manipulating the exchange rates and selling the dollar contrary to the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq, where the owner of the money exchange was arrested and referred to the judiciary.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency