Security Media: Destroying the most important ISIS hideouts in Salah Al-Din and killing a terrorist

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the destruction of the most important ISIS hideouts in Salah Al-Din and the killing of a terrorist.

A statement by the Cell stated that, based on accurate information about the presence of the most important ISIS hideouts within Salah Al-Din Governorate, in which a group of terrorists resides, the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior was able to clash with the terrorist group located inside the den in cooperation with the Iraqi army, Salah Al-Din Police and the Popular Mobilization.

One of the terrorists was killed and another one was wounded, as the place was treated by the army aviation. Inside this den, the force found an explosive belt, 30 explosive devices, 100 detonators, 3 gas cylinders, 4 mobile devices, foodstuffs, and various materials, and the devices were treated and detonated inside the den.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency