Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the seizure of five explosive belts and various ammunition, west of Nineveh.

A statement by the Cell stated that, according to accurate intelligence information provided by the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Ministry of Defense to its joints in the West Nineveh Operations Command, it confirmed the existence of a cache of ammunition containing a number of explosive belts, explosive materials and explosive devices near Jabal Kasir in Al-Ayyadiyah sub-district. The Military Intelligence Directorate of the 15th Division and a force from the Fourth Regiment, the 71st Infantry Brigade, moved to the location of the cache and were able to raid the place and seize 5 explosive belts, 5 detonators, 4 different mortar rounds, 3 explosive devices, in addition to a 155 mm projectile, a T55 tank projectile and a grenade launcher, while the division’s engineering detachments dealt with the materials, detonating them without incident.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency