Security Media: Three infiltrators arrested west of Nineveh after crossing the border from the Syrian side

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the arrest of three infiltrators west of Nineveh after they crossed the border from the Syrian side.

A statement by the Cell stated, in light of accurate intelligence information for the joints of the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Ministry of Defense – Intelligence Department of West Nineveh Operations Command, confirmed that three infiltrators crossed the Iraqi-Syrian border through smuggling. Their movements were followed up and monitored by the Military Intelligence Directorate detachments in Division 15 and their intentions to go to Dohuk, a tight ambush was set up for them in the village of Sibaya, which belongs to Rabia district, west of Nineveh, by the same detachments, with the participation of a force from the second regiment, the 71st Infantry Brigade, and a detachment from the National Security Office, and they were arrested, and they are of Syrian nationality. They were handed over to the competent authorities to take legal measures against them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency