Security operations for search and inspection in the areas of the Baghdad belt

Baghdad Operations Command forces began this morning carrying out security operations to search and inspect areas of the Baghdad Belt.

The command stated in a statement: ‘This morning, our security forces began pre-emptive search and inspection operations to tighten the noose on defeated terrorist elements, those wanted by the judiciary, and outlaws, with the participation of units of the Infantry Divisions (sixth and seventeenth) within the Baghdad belt and its environs in the areas of (Al-Maslahah, Al-Ghazilia, Tal Al-Kar, Al-Qadisiyah neighborhood, al-Ahd al-Jadid, Al-Sultan, Al-Lawabdeh, Al-Shakriya, Shakha 3, Al-Mazraa neighborhood, Al-Khayyamiyat) with the support of intelligence agencies and services.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency