Baghdad The Popular Mobilization announced the launch of joint operations in Diyala and Salah al-Din.

A statement by the Popular Mobilization said: “Joint forces from the army, the Federal Police and the Popular Mobilization, represented by the Diyala Operations Command for the Popular Mobilization in all its brigades, and the Kirkuk and East Tigris Command, represented by the 22nd, 9th and 88th Brigades, with the support of the formations supporting the Popular Mobilization from the Directorate of Armor Fighting, Combating Explosives, Military Engineering, Media and Medicine, and with air cover from the Army aviation has begun carrying out a security operation to pursue ISIS remnants in Diyala and Salah al-Din.

He added, “The leadership of the Diyala sector of the Popular Mobilization started from two main axes, the first from Al-Maita crossing towards the village of Al-Tala’a, and the second from al-Numan crossing in the north towards Al-Tala’a, to meet the 23rd Brigade of the Popular Mobilization.”

He pointed out that “the leadership of the Diyala sector of the PMF carried out a very accurate proactive process by setting goals and coming up with important results.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency