Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced today, Sunday, the arrest of a “terrorist” and eight defendants, according to various legal articles, and the seizure of a cache of explosive materials in separate areas of the capital, Baghdad.

It said in a statement, “a security force was able to arrest a wanted suspect in accordance with Article 4/1 of terrorism, after monitoring his presence within the sector of responsibility east of the capital.”

It explained, “the formations of the 17th Infantry Division carried out search and inspection duties, which resulted in seizing a stack of explosive materials left behind by ISIS terrorist gangs. It contained five mortar rounds of different calibers and three projectiles, one of which is 155 mm caliber, in areas south of Baghdad.”

It added that “the units of the First Division, the Federal Police, were able to arrest five suspects according to various legal articles, including three accused of the tribal dispute on the Rusafa side,” explaining that “the units of the Second Division, the Federal Police, also managed to arrest three persons accused of the tribal dispute, including one injured with a gunshot wound, he was taken to a hospital near the accident, in addition to confiscation of weapons in their possession on the Karkh side.”

The media cell confirmed, “all the accused and the seized materials have been referred to the competent authorities to complete the legal procedures against them.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency