Security sources: Hawi al-Adhaim area has become a theater of military operations in pursuit of ISIS cells

Baquba Military sources considered Hawi Al-Adhaim, north of Diyala, a military area, after entering the second week of the operation to track down ISIS cells.

The sources told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) today that Hawi Al-Adhaim became the scene of military operations in pursuit of ISIS cells after the recent terrorist attack that targeted an Iraqi army company and claimed 11 martyrs. He stressed that the recent security directives from the higher authorities in Baghdad confirmed the termination of the activities of ISIS cells during proactive operations to fill the security spaces in the region.

It added that Hawi Al-Adhaim has become a military area until the end of the operation’s axes, which relied in its intelligence framework on monitoring and redeployment according to a new strategy, establishing stationed security points and strengthening them with additional forces, as well as a change in the military units holding the area

Source: National Iraqi News Agency