Senior Leader Of Daesh, Five Of His Companions Killed West of Ramadi

BAGHDAD / A leading figure of Anbar mobilization forces, Nazim Al-Jughaifi announced the killing of the so-called official of Daesh police office (Husba), and five of his companions, in an aerial bombardment that carried out by Army Aviation in Ana district, western city of Ramadi.

According to the website of the popular mobilization, Al-Jughaifi said , "The army aviation bombed last night, the education directorate building of Ana, west of the city of Ramadi, killing Mustafa Mansour al-Rawi, and five of his companions."

He added that "Rawi is one of the most prominent leaders of the criminal organization in the western Anbar regions and he is one of the first generation of the criminal organization, and directly responsible for booby-trapping and attacking security forces."

He pointed out that "the bombardment destroyed a cache of ammunition containing rockets and ammunition, improvised explosive devices and explosive materials," explaining that "the targeting of al-Rawi came according to intelligence information enabled the army aviation to target him directly" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency